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Hi there, I'm Tyler, the administrator of this website.

I'm a marine engineering technician graduate, and website consultant.

My passion while studying engineering was security, and I've turned that passion into this website. My mission is to research and study home security systems as well as online security applications, and provide you with the best recommendations to protect your home, online property, and yourself.

Whether you're trying to find the best home alarm company, security cameras, or a secure home energy system, I've done all the research for you, and provide detailed articles and recommendations.

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Security Solutions That Matter

  • Home Alarm Companies

    Too many homes are not set up with a reliable home security system. In this section I review the top companies you can trust your home protection to.

    The main difference between these security systems vs. setting up your own cameras, is that they’re connected to a security company which monitors your home. What I’ve found is that researching and choosing the right company to align you and your family with, can be very important.

  • Security Cameras

    This section highlights some of the best rated security cameras you can personally set up on your property. Some are wired while others are wireless.

    The main distinction between these and a home alarm system, is that these are just the cameras, and you will have to install them yourself. When you set these up, you are generally not monitored by any security company.

  • DIY Home Energy

    This section discusses how to secure your home’s energy. Every year hundreds of people are left without power and suffer because of it. Many are also paying very large electricity bills.

    Fortunately I’ve found a great guide which will help you cut the costs of your home electricity bills and avoid future power outages.

  • Survival Blog

    In the blog section, I write about all things related to security and survival.

    I research how to restore batteries, which animal repellents are the best, and review all the recommended security and survival products available online.

    If it has to do with either securing you and your family, your home, or your online property, I will write about it on this blog.

  • Online Security and Protection

    The online component of this website will discuss computer security products such as antivirus software, the top VPN providers, malware protection, and reviews on the best web hosting and cloud storing companies.