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What Does CyberGhost Do?

No matter where you log in from, and no matter what application you’re using, CyberGhost will allow you to use the internet in disguise.

It’s like incognito mode on steroids. 

You can do anything on the internet without being watched. Share files, access media, and surf the internet all in ghost mode, in disguise, and with no trace.

Leave no tracks behind. That’s exactly what CyberGhost does.

What is a VPN?

Here’s a very simple explanation: VPN = Virtual Private Network

When you use the internet, there’s an IP address associated with your computer. It’s like a tattoo, and it goes with you everywhere you go.

So think of the services that CyberGhost offers as a tattoo removal service. You no longer have something that can identify you, or what you’re doing.

Without a VPN, everything you do, can be tracked: Websites, downloads, shopping habits, etc. When you use a trusted VPN, all your actions are hidden.

When you use a VPN, you receive a new IP address which can’t be tracked. You can choose which servers you will use to access the internet, which can’t be traced.

This will allow you to do many things:

  • Use the internet privately
  • Use the internet securely
  • Use the internet freely

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Encrypted connection
  • Become anonymous online
  • Keep your data safe from hackers and other agencies
  • Access blocked content (login from a different location)

This is useful for doing: 

  • Online banking
  • Using WIFI hotspots
  • Shopping online
  • Accessing blocked media
  • Sending information securely

Short List of CyberGhost’s Best Features

  • Strong encryption
  • Use almost every internet program (email is an exception)
  • Get protected in public networks where hackers are present
  • Choose the server you want
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Safety mechanisms in place (if VPN is disconnected, internet traffic is blocked)
  • Block ads and malicious websites
  • Remove tracking devices

Why use this VPN?

I have researched many different VPN services, and CyberGhost is one of the better companies.

Its features and customer feedback are among the best in the industry. I would recommend you visit their website in order to review all the specific features of their VPN services. Visit

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