The Vipertek VTS-989 Stun Gun Review

The Vipertek VTS-989 is one of the best selling stun gun flashlights on the market right now.

If you’re looking for an affordable stun gun which packs enough power to defend yourself, and even enough noise to make an attacker think twice, then I would consider this unit from Vipertek.

Often times just flashing this unit is enough to deter anyone from bothering you.

Enter the VTS-989

  • LED Light attached
  • Shock plates on side (can’t grab without getting a shock)
  • Can easily penetrate most clothes
  • Loud sound will deter most attackers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very affordable

viperteck vts 989

What to Expect

Many people wonder how far this unit can shoot.

This does not shoot anything. You need to contact the unit to someone’s body in order to shock them. So its reach is as far as your arm length.

This unit is very loud. It makes a loud crackling sound and as I mentioned above, is enough to scare a lot of people away.

If you do need to use it, you can expect it to drop most people to their knees, allowing you to escape or retreat. It’s a short time deterrent, however it is unpleasant, and will definitely give you enough time to get away safely.

It comes in a very compact and portable size. It’s 6.5 inches long, and 2 inches wide. You can keep it in your pocket or purse without anyone knowing.

Results after 100 Shocks

Because the unit comes with a rechargeable battery, even after a few hundred shocks, it will maintain its power.

Hopefully you don’t need to use it that many times, however many people have used it in testing scenarios, and they’ve reported excellent results.

Many people who have tested it on themselves, wished they didn’t. It has a lot of power, and will leave a mark in most cases. It does not cause any permanent damage, however most people will be immobilized for several seconds and even several minutes.

As with all these units, it’s important to keep them out of the reach of children, and don’t overcharge it, or leave the charger plugged in.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants to carry a discreet self-defense weapon. What’s great is that you simply need to touch someone with this to disarm them. You do not need to strike someone like you would with a kubotan or tactical pen.

Bottom line, read the instructions for your own safety, and you will be impressed by the power of this stun gun. It definitely works, and will drop most people quite easily.

You can read more reviews and specs over at Click here for a sales price as well. 

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