survival shield x2 dosage

Survival Shield X2 Dosage and Recommendations

Many people are a bit confused about the best way to take this supplement, so I’m hoping to clear this up by quickly covering the ideal Survival Shield X2 dosage.

The dosage recommendation is 3 drops.

Not 3 full glass vials, just 3 drops.

How do you take the drops? You can take the drops right under your tongue for the best absorption, or you can mix them with water.

Ideally, they should be taken without water. There is a sweet taste to this supplement so if that bothers you, you can mix it with water.

Some people pour their drops in a spoon and take it that way.

This dosage will supply you with a healthy does of iodine, which is needed for those who don’t get enough from their diets.

It’s always recommended to stick with the recommended dosage, or even start at a lower amount, and work your way up. So you might want to start at 1 drop for 1 week, and gradually build up to 3 drops.

You might read that some people report that they take more than 3 drops, however this is generally not recommended for everyone.

Don’t Take Too Much

There are virtually no “life threatening” side effects of Survival Shield X2.

The most common side effect is that people don’t see results, which is normal for all supplements.

But you never want to take too much of anything, especially when it comes to supplements. This contains essential nutrients which your body needs, but even too much water can kill someone.

So just don’t overdo it. If you’re taking 2, 3, 5 times the recommended dosage, you might feel ill.

Stick with the outline above, and you should have no problems.

If you haven’t yet purchased this supplement, please read my full review right here. 

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