stun gun flashlight combo

Stun Gun Flashlight Combo Information

Before I recommend some specific products, I want to go over a few key points on these self-defense weapons.

Firstly, don’t buy a stun gun flashlight unless it’s legal in your state.

Here is a short list of places where these are NOT legal. Don’t buy one if you live in:

  • Connecticut
  • D.C.
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Rhode Island

There are some carrying restrictions in some other states if you’re not using this for personal self-defense. You can find full legal requirements here.

You are also going to need to know which models are actually going to work. The last thing you want to do is just irritate an attacker, so make sure you get a product that’s made with very high-quality standards.

Reviews should get you up to speed on whether or not the device is effective. I’m in the process of reviewing all the top models, and you can find them listed in the blog section here.

It’s important to review if the stun gun can actually take down or at least stun someone trying to attack you.

Once you get one that works well, you should practice getting it out and using it so that if anyone actually comes at you, it’s easy to neutralize the threat. The more you practice, the less of a chance you have to be too nervous to act when the time comes to defend yourself.

A stun gun flashlight combo is a great option to have when you need protection. The flashlight is useful by itself, and it makes for a discreet self-defense weapon as well. Find more information on particular models which work well here.

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