private internet access alternatives

Private Internet Access Alternatives

There might be a few reasons why you’re looking for an alternative to Private Internet Access (PIA).

I’m not too sure what your current situation is, however I’ve personally found PIA to supply a great and trusted VPN service. 

That being said, perhaps you’re trying to research some alternatives before buying, or perhaps you’ve tried PIA and you’re not happy.

Whatever the reason is, there are some alternatives worth looking at:

cyberghost vpn logoEnter CyberGhost

CyberGhost is another VPN that has received a lot of great reviews.

I recommend it as an alternative for a few reasons.

Firstly, it also keeps no data logs, which some people feel is important. (Most people technically don’t need this, however it is an added privacy feature.)

Secondly, some users find it easier to use and set up. With one of their plans, you can use their services on 5 different devices.

Also, if you’re new to VPNs, they do have a free account, however it doesn’t have as many features as the pro CyberGhost account.

This is definitely an option to consider, and I would recommend you read more about CyberGhost here. 

hide my ass logoEnter Hide My Ass (HMA)

HMA is one of the biggest Virtual Private Network services available.

It’s size brings two factors worth considering: There are tons of IP addresses and servers to choose from, but it’s slightly more expensive.

This is an alternative for PIA because of the main distinction in its size. You will have no issues at all from accessing blocked content from almost any country.

One downfall with HMA is that if you have several devices you want to use at the same time, then consider looking into CyberGhost. It comes up short in this area when compared to both CyberGhost and PIA itself.

When it comes to actual privacy features, HMA as a few cool features which makes it a recommended VPN service. You can switch your IP address with a click of the mouse, and you can switch it on various pre set intervals.

HMA has a kill switch features just as PIA and CyberGhost does, which will disconnect you from the internet if HMA disconnects.

It’s an alternative for PIA mainly based on its sheer size. If you’re worried about PIA’s lack of server coverage, you’ll be happy with Hide My Ass.

Find more specific information on the official website here:

Results from Other VPNs

To be honest, there are a dozen more VPNs out there that you could potentially be happy with.

But for most people, these three choices here are great. I have no affiliation with these providers, and my recommendations are based purely on research.

If you want you can jump in and do all the research that I’ve done, and you’ll probably end up at the same place. But be careful, as 1 or 2 stories and reviews should not influence your decision.

My recommendations are made based on reading through countless comments, forums, articles, and even the reviews from some of the top security and website companies around.

I can confidently say that these recommendations are solid based on my research.

Consider learning more about CyberGhost on their official website here.

Review more about Hide My Ass on their website:

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