Is Private Internet Access Safe and Secure?

private internet access logoThere are a few factors which everyone looks for in a VPN (virtual private network).

And one of the main factors is safety and security. This makes total sense given the nature of these services. So if you’re wondering if Private Internet Access (PIA) is a safe and secure VPN, then I have a definite answer for you:


PIA has been labeled as one of the most trusted VPN services for many years. 

What’s great about PIA is that you get great features at an affordable price. It might not have the latest and greatest interface, but for security and safety, it ranks at the top. (It’s also much cheaper than other services. See their full pricing table here.)

What Makes it Safe?

  • They don’t log any data
  • They don’t host any user activity data
  • Various encryption methods
  • Support many operating systems
  • Kill switch (disconnects from internet if VPN fails)
  • Voted #1 by industry experts
  • Extremely affordable

Your Privacy is Safe

To get set up, you need to provide minimal information.

No software is needed to be installed and therefore your device is not connected to the service in this way.

Their IP addresses are shared, so once you connect to their service, there isn’t a single IP that’s associated with your internet connection. It’s extremely secure and you stay anonymous.

Find a full list of their features on the official website: Click Here. 

Final Thoughts

Every major VPN website and expert will tell you that Private Internet Access is one of the safest and most trusted services out there.

Major websites and companies like PC Mag, lifehacker, and the hundreds of VPN review websites rate this service as one of the best.

It is one of the most private services, offers all the features you need, and keeps no data logs.

And although our focus here was on safety and security, it’s worth mentioning that PIA has some of the best prices on their packages.

After reviewing many VPN services and reading countless threads, comments, reviews and articles, this is my top recommendation.

Learn more on their official website: 

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