Is Hide My Ass a Safe VPN?

hide my ass logoWhen it comes to Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, safety and security is certainly something to consider.

If you search some forums you’ll find articles that hate Hide My Ass (HMA), and others that promote it heavily.

So I’ll try and speak from a very neutral side of things, and just state some facts.

In analyzing whether Hide My Ass is a safe and secure VPN, there’s a few things to cover:

The Size of HMA

HMA is the biggest VPN at the time of writing this.

They have the most IP addresses and server locations.

All things being equal, this makes them very secure and safe compared to other VPNs, because you have so many paths to take while using the internet anonymously. So by size alone, this is definitely a safe VPN.

Not only does this size offer you security, it also offers you speed. Internet speed is increasing from year to year, however being closer to a server still plays a factor in connection speeds. So having a server close to you is ideal and you get this with HMA.

Speed is great, but if we’re going to discuss security, then the vast amount of IP addresses available is really what sets this VPN apart. With so many to choose from, you increase your security, and if one drops, you instantly get logged into another. So downtime is limited.

This works very well for accessing blocked content from specific geographic locations.


Another aspect of security is their software.

You don’t need to use it, however using the software with the pro version provided by Hide My Ass will allow you to get some extra features:

  • Speed Guide
  • Load Balancing
  • Scheduled IP Changes
  • Secure IP Bind

All these things factor into increase the safety of this VPN, and they are some of the reasons why it’s so popular.

What About Data Logging?

If you’re sharing copyrighted information, I would not use this service, and instead consider CyberGhost or Private Internet Access.

I do not promote illegal file sharing, however I understand it is done through VPNs. The two companies I just recommended do not promote it either, however they DO NOT LOG any of your information, while Hide My Ass does (they don’t log your information, just when you log on and off from their services).

For this reason, HMA is not safe if you’re using it against their terms and conditions.

That being said, if you’re using these virtual private networks for the reasons they’re meant to be used for, then this data logging is not an issue. But if you’re conducting illegal file sharing, I would avoid HMA.

At the end of the day, any of these companies can log your data. HMA keeps logs for some time, then deletes them, however they don’t log the actual websites you use, or any personal information. They just log when you use their services.

For most people, this logging issue should not be a concern. If you’re a hacker doing all sorts of illegal stuff, then look somewhere else. But if you’re an average VPN user who wants security, and the ability to access blocked content, then this is totally safe and secure.

Bottom line this is safe and secure for the majority of users.

If you have a problem with them storing logs (remember they don’t store any information about the websites you visit), then look at Private Internet Access or CyberGhost.

If you’re going to use a VPN without doing anything illegal (WiFi hot spots, added security, accessing geographically blocked content etc.) then Hide My Ass has a ton of safety and security features you can take advantage of.

You can find pricing plans and all their features at the official website: Click here.

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Tyler, is a marine engineering technician graduate and website consultant. He has worked on large cargo ships in the engineering department and specializes in researching security systems and website consulting. This blog and the creation of Exclusive Security is the product of putting his two passions together.