Intelligent Micro-Virtualization Reliably
maximizes processing capacity

  • "Multicore systems have been a blessing and a curse: even with a code perfectly parallelized and optimized at the higher process and processor levels, there is now strong competition for all micro-resources such as cores and cache memories. The new eXludus micro-virtualization software is the only technology that is able to sort this out and align application requirements with available resources and business needs."

    - Wolfgang Gentzsch, grid and cloud computing pioneer

  • "The increasing number of CPU cores in systems of all types has resulted in a growing challenge to not only exploit available resources but to do so in a predictable manner. Micro-virtualization helps data centers and cloud providers get more from their infrastructure."

    - John Barr, Research Director of High Performance Computing at 451 Research

  • "The advent of multicore systems created a resource optimization gap that is very similar to what existed in multi-processor servers before server virtualization was invented. The eXludus micro-virtualization software provides a similar capability at a micro level."

    - Dan Olds, principal at Gabriel Consulting

  • "Just as server virtualization has enabled greater resource sharing and optimization for enterprise servers, the eXludus Dynamic Project Containers technology is designed to enable greater resource sharing and optimization for processor cores and memory within enterprise and HPC multicore systems."

    - Steve Conway, HPC research vice president at IDC

eXludus multicore management reliably unlocks system processing potential
and increases application performance. Best of all, no application changes are required to realize the benefits!

- Real-time throughput optimization -

- Dynamic application profiling -

- Lightweight multicore micro- virtualization supports SLAs -

- Prioritize and steer resource allocations to high-value tasks -

- Reduce administration effort -

- Enhance memory management -

- Resolve resource allocation imbalances -

- Improve system utilization & energy efficiency -