How To Rejuvenate Golf Cart Batteries

You can rejuvenate and restore golf cart batteries very easily once you know all the steps.

Below is a brief overview, however I recommend everyone who’s interested in doing this to follow my friend Tom Ericson’s full step by step guide here.

The truth is, batteries can be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to maintaining multiple electric golf carts.

Replacing a few of these can run the maintenance expenses way up, and the sad part is that often times people are spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than they need to.

Batteries can be restored and reconditioned to help get a lot more reliable life out of them. The right maintenance and care goes a really long way - and knowing how to make even a few small changes can go a long way towards absolutely slashing the bottom line of your budget while keeping all the carts up and running.

Learn To Recognize Common Issues You Can Fix

Many times it isn't necessarily the battery dying or getting old that is the issue. Making sure you take the first obvious step of having the right safety equipment in the form of protective eye goggles and solid gloves, and then make sure there's no dried battery acid or leaking that could indicate a bigger issue.

recondition golf cart batteries

With a little bit of learning you can quickly see what connections are clear and which are gunked out and need to be cleaned out to encourage a better connection. Rinsing a dirty battery with plain water is an important next step, though it is absolutely critical to make sure none of that water gets into any of the actual cells of the battery.

At that point a mixture of Epsom salts and warm distilled water, in the proper amounts, can be stirred thoroughly and then sucked up with a turkey baster before being used to fill each battery cell with that solution until all the cells are covered. The right cleaning and attention means when everything is dried and put back together, more than likely you have a surprisingly rejuvenated battery that can last you months or even years. That is impressive.

Obviously there are more steps than this, and this is why I recommend you read about a full step by step guide. This way you can literally have every single step and material you need to make this work.

Understanding Your Options

However, before you can make any of these repairs or completely remake and rejuvenate the battery, you need to actually know how to rejuvenate golf cart batteries. This isn't a hard process, but it is a precise one that requires things to be done correctly and in a very specific set of steps.

Just start out by knowing you don't have to throw away those golf cart batteries the first time power seems to be draining. Chances are extremely high that you can rejuvenate these for one or multiple uses in the future - saving you big time on the bottom line and as an added bonus you can enjoy the fact that you're not throwing away batteries - making the Earth a little bit greener with your very practical recycling.

Don't Wait Another Day?

When it comes to getting the most out of each and every single one of your golf cart batteries, it is extremely important to take advantage of how refurbishing, refreshing, and rejuvenating golf cart batteries can give you months or even years worth of more charges.

Every battery that keeps going with a second or even a third life will save you from having to purchase and start wearing down another one. Review the step by step guide I recommend for doing this properly and safely. Click here. 

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