Best Home Security Cameras (DIY)

Wireless Surveillance Cameras You Can Set Up Yourself

There are so many different reasons why setting up your own security cameras can be the right option for you at this moment.

While working and studying as a marine engineer, I saw many security systems that businesses have set up, and this same level of video surveillance technology can be installed by yourself with the cameras outlined below.

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Top Selling (DIY) Models 2017

Unfortunately choosing the right security cameras to install yourself is not an easy task, especially when you start researching all the different models available.

This is why many people would rather have a professional and complete home alarm system instead. However, if you want to set up the cameras yourself, I have put my best recommendations below.

As a point worth mentioning right away, video quality and wireless features are two of the most important things to consider, and I have taken both into account.

  • Best Value for Money
  • Very Reliable and Consistent
  • Quick Setup Time
  • Many Different Features
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iSmartAlarm Security Camera

Front Door Monitoring

Ring Home Security CameraThe Ring Video Doorbell has become one of the most popular "Do It Yourself" home security cameras.

It's affordable, easy to install, and ideal for monitoring your front door.

Depending on where you set it up (usually the front or back entrance), you can stream live video and audio directly to your device (phone, tablet, computer).

The motion sensor will give you a notification where you can see a live video stream. You can then choose to communicate with the person who's in front of the camera, or you can deny and turn the live stream off.

The video being captured is very high quality, which is crucial for any home camera system. Within the app you can set up specific motion detection zones and ranges. You might need to test this out to make sure the camera is not too sensitive given you specific area.

You can communicate with someone at your front door, without having to be at home. This is a great feature.

The device allows you to incorporate cloud video recording (for a small fee) which lets you view and download up to 6 months of previous monitoring.

Bottom line, if you want to monitor your front door, this is by far the easiest camera to use, and it's very affordable.

Indoor Camera Systems

iSmartAlarm Security CameraThe iCamera Keep is the easiest system to setup, and the most affordable.

There are a lot of features, and a very high quality camera. This is recommended for those who want a home security system, but don't want to pay a monthly fee for monitoring.

It's a very DIY system, along with an app where you can control the camera in all directions, get notifications, and pair with multiple devices.

By pairing multiple cameras, you can monitor different rooms and different floors if you want to. There is a built in feature which allows the camera to function in the dark as well.

If the camera detects any sound or motion, you can receive a notification to your device.

What people really like about this camera is  you can upgrade to iSmartCamera’s other products, and basically have a full home security system set up, without any monthly fees.

More information on the total package can be found here.