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Review My Top Picks For 2016 Which Offer Full Surveillance Options

While I was completing my marine engineering degree, we studied various security systems for large cargo ships and vessels.

I was surprised in comparing these high tech systems to what's available for your home, as the quality of products these days is extremely high.

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Securing your home is more important today than any other time in history.

What's great about the home alarm systems that are available today, is that they're all very user friendly, and make use of all the cutting edge technology that's available.

Below I have outlined the top 3 alarm companies offering products to residents in the United States. You can visit their company websites for a more detailed overview of the exact features.

Protect America
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      ADT® comes in the 1st position on my list.

      If you do NOT want to install anything yourself, then this company should definitely be considered. There are many new home security systems which require you to install everything yourself. Many people can do this, however there are quite a few who want their systems professionally installed.

      ADT has been servicing this industry for a very long time and have built up a lot of trust in the market. If you're ok with paying for installation, then this option could be right for you.



      There have been many people who have ordered their systems, got them installed, and have loved all the different features. For those who do not want to have to install anything themselves, this is a great option.

      They have low monthly pricing, however you will have to pay upfront for the equipment. That being said, you can get ADT monitored equipment professionally installed by a company like Protect Your Home in just a day.

      The main advantage with ADT is its history in the market, and its fast installation setup. Naturally, not everyone wants a Do It Yourself system. If you're not interested in setting these alarm systems up yourself, and you're willing to pay for installation, then consider learning more about ADT.

      Secure your home with a recognized brand name, but be prepared to pay the setup costs, which many homeowners feel is well worth it.

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      The #2 recommendation for a home security system is from Frontpoint.

      In reviewing the top 3 choices, I have taken into account: Customer Service, Technology, Equipment, and Price.

      In all my research, I found Frontpoint did very well in these categories. Frontpoint had the edge in their customer service score, and this really sealed the deal.

      I've interacted with so many businesses ranging from local businesses, security companies, website hosting agencies and so on, and really good customer service is hard to fine. When you talk with support, especially in regards to securing your home, you really want to feel like these guys and gals know their stuff. Obviously the system needs to work, but knowing that a great support staff is behind securing your home is a big deal.

      When you visit their website, you will get a very low pressure vibe. They are not pushy in their sales tactics, and they will take the time to explain all their different plans. What I also really liked, is that their website is so easy to navigate and shop from. You simple review the different options they have, and you can purchase your system right from their website.

      Over 80% of consumers shop online and research products before buying. Many people simply order their alarm systems from security company websites, and Frontpoint makes this extremely straightforward.

      The main advantage here is that this is a completely wireless system which you can add extra monitoring features to very easily, and installing is done by you. It's a Do It Yourself (DIY) set up and installation product.

      It's super easy to set up, and customer support is excellent. Depending on which package you choose, you can literally monitor everything with an app on your smart phone. If you don't want to use an app on your smart phone or iPad, you can get their basic system which has door monitors and motion detectors which you can set up in a few minutes. It's super easy and has received the most positive reviews.

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      Protect America

      In the 3rd spot we have Protect America, which has been around for 2 decades.

      What's great about Protect America is that they have been in this business for a long time. They are established, and know the industry really well.

      One of their main advantages is price, however their lowest paid options will not apply to everyone's needs, so keep that in mind. They also offer no equipment or activation fees which is another savings you can take advantage of.

      I tend to recommend this company for those who do not want the most feature rich security system, as their basic package is the cheapest, but may not provide you all the security you need or want.

      The main advantage with this system is the price. If you're looking for a basic monitoring system with the lowest monthly fee, then Protect America is recommended for you. If however you're looking for more features and you want to monitor everything from your smart phone and other wireless / cellular devices, consider Frontpoint instead.

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