Hide My Ass vs. CyberGhost VPN

Here is another VPN comparison.

Like with all these side by side comparisons I’ve done, I’ll run through some of the main features so you can see some of the differences between each provider.

What you’ll find is that there isn’t a clear winner in this Hide My Ass vs. CyberGhost comparison. Each of these is a top 10 VPN provider, with money back guarantees, so at the end of the day, you really have nothing to lose.

Again, I’m assuming that you know you need a VPN for any particular reason. If you don’t know what these can do, here is just a brief list:

  • Access blocked content
  • Download and upload files privately
  • Use WiFi connections safely
  • Use the internet anonymously

CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost vpn product boxCyberGhost is a popular VPN which has received a lot of positive reviews.

One thing that stands out with this service is that it’s very easy to set-up, and completely user friendly. This won’t matter to those who are very technically savvy, however a lot of people enjoy how easy it is to set-up.


One of the big factors with performance is the number of IP addresses that the service has access to. Many people associate this with this the level of security, and CyberGhost has way less IP addresses than Hide My Ass. So it comes up short in this area.

Along with this is the low amount of server locations to choose from. At the end of the day, it’s not as big of a service provider as some other options. So this may limit its usefulness to you if you can’t access a server in a specific location.

CyberGhost allows you to use up to 5 devices which is a clear benefit for some. It also offers a non-logging feature which can be important to some people. No logs are kept with this service. For this reason alone, many people choose CyberGhost.


This comes equipped with a “kill switch” and 256 bit encryption. The kill switch means that as soon as there’s a drop in the VPN’s connection, you are logged off the internet as well. So it’s a nice safety mechanism.

In terms of all the specific security protocols, (L2TP, PPTP, SSL, TLS) CyberGhost is a leader in this space, and I would recommend you read about all the specifics on the help section of their website.


Because this is not as large as other companies, it doesn’t have a full 24/7 support system at the time of writing this, or phone support.

That being said, they have a great FAQ section, and a live chat feature on their website. Not a deal breaker, but it’s always nice to have full access to support. Again, this may change in the future.

hide my ass logoHide My Ass VPN (HMA)

HMA is the largest and most popular VPN.

They have the most server locations (190) and IP addresses (+115,00) at the time of writing this. So compared to CyberGhost, they’re much bigger.


Safety in numbers can be associated with its performance.

With so many servers and IP addresses, you won’t have any difficulties accessing content or logging in securely from a specific location. Server downtime is not an issue when compared to other service providers. This also helps with connection speed, as there’s more likely a server close to you. This is not always a factor, however it is something to consider.


With a bit of configuration, you can get an extremely secure connection, with no limit on your bandwidth. This is great for file sharing and downloading or streaming. For a full run down on all the specifics regarding their VPN encryption and security protocols, visit the help section on their website.


The support at HMA is one of the best.

You can call during normal offices hours in the UK, they have a forum, and a huge support / knowledge base on their website. Many of the common questions are addressed on their support page.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, each one of these VPN providers is recommended.

They each offer a 30 day refund policy so you can’t really make a wrong decision.

If you’re very concerned with keeping no logs of your data, and less concerned with having a large amount of IP addresses and server locations, then go with CyberGhost. Also, if you want to use up to 5 devices, consider this option as well. CyberGhost is also slightly cheaper than HMA.

Visit CyberGhost.com to find more specific information. 

If you plan on accessing content from various locations, then HMA could be the better choice.

There's less chance of servers dropping so for downloading and streaming it's probably the better choice. It's also one of the most popular VPN services with the most servers and IP addresses.

So performance wise, it's hard to beat Hide My Ass.

Visit their website for more specific information: HideMyAss.com

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