Hide My Ass VPN Alternatives That Don’t Keep Logs

There might be a few reasons why you’re looking for Hide My Ass alternatives.

Although HideMyAss (HMA) is extremely popular and certainly recommended, there have been some poor reviews based on their customer support and pricing.

This is natural given the size of HMA, and I can say that after tons of research, it’s still a recommended VPN, however there are some great recommended alternatives as well.

Cheaper Alternatives That Don’t Keep Logs

Pricing can always change, however at the time of writhing this, both of the recommendations below are cheaper than Hide My Ass.

The other main reason that people think they need to avoid HMA is because of their data logging. I can tell you that for most people this is not an issues.

They don’t keep logs of the websites you visit, they just log when you use their services. Every VPN provider has this power, however HMA openly states they keep this data for some time period.

Here is a statement from their privacy page:

hide my ass privacy logging

There are other VPNs which do not log anything.

For most people, this type of data logging is really not a concern at all.

However, if you don’t want anything like this stored, or you plan on using a VPN for illegal file sharing (torrenting with copyrighted material, which is against the terms of service), it’s best to avoid HMA (I don’t promote this behaviour but I understand it happens).

Hide My Ass Pricing

Here is a screenshot of the pricing table at the time of writing this (discounts and savings my change throughout the year):

Hide My Ass pricing

Learn about all the features of these packages here. 

There may be some other reason(s) why you're looking elsewhere.

Below are my top 2 recommendations which I think you'll be happy with.

There are so many VPN providers it can be quite a task researching them all.

I can honestly say you will be happy with these two alternatives.


CyberGhost is a great recommendation that has received a lot of positive reviews.

It is much smaller than HMA, so you will be limited in the amount of available servers, however the advantages here are price and data logging.

You can read the full CyberGhost vs. Hide My Ass comparison here.

CyberGhost keeps no data logs. This is why some people prefer using it for torrenting over HMA.

Here is their pricing table:


Visit CyberGhostVPN.com for more information. Click here. 


Private Internet Access

Another top recommendation is Private Internet Access (PIA).

You can find a more in-depth comparison on the Hide My Ass vs. PIA page here.

It's cheaper than HMA, and also does not keep any data logs.

In terms of CyberGhost, PIA has more IP addresses to choose from, and more server locations. For those who are accessing blocked content in different geographic locations, these extras could come in handy.

If you spend countless hours researching PIA, you'll find that it is often referred to as the most trusted VPN on the market. This, along with probably the best pricing plans is why I tent to recommend it the most.

PIA pricing plan

Visit PrivateInternetAccess - PIA.com for more information on their plans. 


Final Recommendation

If you're looking for one alternative to HMA, I would recommend Private Internet Access.

You can visit their website for full details. Click here for the best monthly deal.

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