Fury Tactical Kubotan Review

FURY Tactical SDKThe kubotan (self-defense keychain) fom Fury Tactical is one of the most popular weapons of its kind on the market today.

I’ve written about this kubotan before, and have basically highlighted it as my main recommendation in this field.

The reason being: it possesses all the qualities you would want in a kubotan. It’s light in weight, crafted with high quality materials, fits well in the hand, is discreet, and packs a powerful punch.

High Quality Materials

After studying metallurgy in engineering school, I appreciated how various materials are formed.

There’s a huge amount of science that goes into the construction of various materials. I won’t go into it here, however we have mastered the art of forming an alloy, or a material from other materials, by heating and mixing (to keep the explanation simple), and in turn have used this knowledge in how weapons are built.

The Fury Tactical SDK makes use of this knowledge and uses material which is very light weight and powerful. This gives it some of the best features that you would look for in a self-defense weapon like this.

Who Should Consider Getting This?

The argument could be made that everyone should carry one of these.

Unfortunately you never know these days when you’ll have to use it. Not only for defending yourself, but there may be other situations where you need to strike something or break through some sort of material.

For those who are concerned for these safety, whether it’s walking to their cars late a night, living in a potentially dangerous area, or just a general overall concern, they will feel better carrying one of these.

The advice is always to get some basic training on these weapons, however it’s not totally necessary. These are not expensive at all, and simply attaching it to your keychain, and knowing it’s there can make many people feel much safer.

If you ever did have to use it, it’s nice knowing that a few strikes to the body with this, and you’ll disarm many attackers.

Results and Feeback from Consumers

The feedback from consumers on this particular kubotan is extremely high.

People are happy with the way it feels in their hands, and the overall build. Fortunately we don’t hear too many stories of when people need to use these in life threatening situations, however those stories are out there.

You can read more consumer reviews and find a sales price on the Fury Tactical SDK at Amazon.com. Click here. 

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