Everstryke Match

Start a Fire Anywhere with The Everstryke Match

Are you looking for a completely waterproof match? I hope you’re as excited for this Everystryke Match review as I was when I first found it.

I’m pretty pumped to write about this extremely convenient device because it allows you to strike a fire no matter where you are. Sure this is not a new invention, however it’s just so handy for those who are in need of this type of survival product.

I really wish I knew about this product a few years ago. My sister and her husband moved to an area which is North of any major city for work. Survival tools were something I knew they needed, unfortunately I was unaware of this product while they were there. Camp fires every night, and being in a remote area are just two reasons why someone should have this tool.

Before we jump into all the other reasons, let’s quickly check out the specs of The Everystryke Match first.

What Sets This Product Apart:

  • Convenient size fits in your pocket
  • Burns and strikes very hot
  • Fuel is not leaked
  • Simple to use
  • Start a fire anywhere
  • Product itself comes with a free book

One of the most important aspects of any fire starting kit is the fire and striking temperature. If these aren’t very high, then chances of creating and sustaining a fire in wet or damp conditions is out of the question.

The “ferro rod and wick in one” is advanced technology that allows very hot striking conditions which is extremely important for fire starting kits. The match itself is capable of thousands of long burning strikes.

Our 4 Week Test:

After using this product for several weeks, results were very typical to what you’ll see on the testimonial page of the official website.

It basically works just like it should, as many others have stated. Sure these products are all pretty convenient, but nothing is worse than buying a waterproof match that only lasts a few strikes. This is by far the best device of this kind that I’ve seen.

Let’s also be honest, this is not a huge investment by any means. Unless you misplace it, you will definitely get your money’s worth. Sure you might not be using it often, but it doesn’t have a high price point, to where you need to justify the costs. That being said, many users simply use this as their every day lighter.

Where Can You Get This: 

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a waterproof match, and device that you can easily start fires with no matter where you are, then consider The Everstryke Match. This is created by Survival Life and they often have promotions where you can get a free firestarter kit depending on where you live.

Check their official website to see if they’re still running their promotion for a free kit. Click here.

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