Evac 3 emergency escape tool

The Evac 3 is The Ultimate Emergency Vehicle Escape Tool

When accidents and disasters occur, the first thing the professionals ask is “could this have been prevented?”.

Unfortunately many times certain terrible things could have easily been prevented, if people were equipped with the right tools. I understand this does not apply to every single situation, but consider getting trapped in a car.

There are many reasons why you might find yourself trapped in a car, and there are a few that I will not discuss on this blog. But if we just look at the statistics, many innocent people die every year because they were trapped in their vehicle.

Fortunately there is a handy little tool that can help you cut your seat belt, and shatter any car window. In fact, it can break many other types of windows as well.

Enter the Evac 3 Emergency Vehicle Escape Tool:

  • 3 inches
  • .6 ounces
  • Fits on your keychain
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Fits in your glove compartment
  • Blade cuts through seat belts
  • Spring loaded spike shatters car windows


How It Works:

Removing the blade guard exposes the cutter blade which can easily cut you free from your seat belt.

Press the black end of the tool in the corner of your vehicle’s window until it clicks.

This “click” releases a spring loaded steel tip that will safely shatter your vehicle’s window. It’s like getting the strength of a strike with a tactical pen, from the push of a button.

A built in whistle allows you to signal for help.

It’s All About Prevention

Unfortunately car accidents happen every single day..

Sometimes the initial accident is unavoidable, however the things which happen after can sometimes be prevented, if proper measures are taken.

Equipping all your vehicles with The Evac 3 will allow you to easily escape from your vehicle in an emergency. If you’re stuck in your car and you can’t get out, this handy tool could be a huge lifesaver.

I’m hoping you will never have to use this in your life, but why not be prepared. These are so affordable it’s pretty much a no brainer to get one for all your vehicles.

Teaching your family how to use them is simple, and knowing this could potentially save their lives in the future will reassure you that you’ve made a smart choice in getting one.

These are not expensive at all, and the company which makes them is still giving them away for free if you pay the shipping costs. You can learn more about how to get one for free right here.

About The Author


Tyler, is a marine engineering technician graduate and website consultant. He has worked on large cargo ships in the engineering department and specializes in researching security systems and website consulting. This blog and the creation of Exclusive Security is the product of putting his two passions together.