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Best Electronic Pest Repellers on the Market

If you’re interested in securing your home from rodents like mice and rats, and insects like spiders and cockroaches, then you should definitely consider getting an electronic pest repeller.

These have an ultrasonic feature that is used to drive away these pests from your home. The best part is, many people do in fact see great results.

One of the biggest questions with these devices is concerning your dog. People always wonder if these repellers bother your dog or cat, and they do not. The sound waves are too small for your dog or cat to hear, so you shouldn’t worry about that at all.

The Best Selling Repellers

There are quite a few products on the market which have received hundreds of 5 star ratings.

Here I’m going to briefly outline two of the best, and one that I actually use at my current residents.


  • 100% safe and environmentally friendly
  • Creates a pest barrier
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Easy to use
  • Money back guarantee
  • I personally use this brand

lotee pest repeller


  • Also 100% safe for your family and the environment
  • Comes with one device
  • Uses high technology not found in other devices
  • Lots of positive reviews

homysnug pest repeller

Both of these products have received tons of great feedback.

The main distinction is that the Lotee model comes in a pack of two, where the HomySnug is a single unit.

I personally like to set up a device on my main floor, and also in the basement. I found the smaller Lotee units work great and are nice and small.

The HomySnug unit itself is more powerful, however it’s hard to tell if you really need the extra “power”.  If you only wanted to use up one electrical outlet, I would recommend this unit.

My Personal Results

Again, I personally use the Lotee Pest Repellent at home and we’ve been rodent free for years.

The best part is, you can avoid using any chemicals or ordering expensive pest company services.

Keep in mind that there may be situations where you actually need to contact your local pest control company, however for many residents these products work great. Whether you’re in an apartment and you can hear mice in the wall, or you live outside the city where there may be a large amount of bugs, these devices can really keep your home free from unwanted pests.

Secure Your Home From Unwanted Pests Today

If you had any concerns regarding using these electronic pest repellers, I hope you found enough information here to convince you to get them set up.

No need to worry about your own safety or the safety of your domesticated pets. These devices are harmless in that regard, and simply deter those unwanted animals like mice and bugs. You can find a sales price on the Lotee units that I use here. 

This is an area of home security that is often not talked too much about on security websites, however I still feel it’s part of the whole “security” umbrella.

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