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Does Survival Shield X2 Work? Is Alex Jones Worth Trusting?

You’re obviously familiar with the iodine supplement Survival Shield X2.

But maybe you don’t know who Alex Jones is. He’s a controversial talk show host, and he promotes this supplement on his website.

With its rise in popularity, many people really want to know if Survival Shield X2 actually works.

I’ve gone out and done all the research I can to find out all the ingredients,  side effects, dosage recommendations, and consumer reviews on this product. (You can click each link to open the article in a new window).

Important Point Before We Start: This is Not Alex Jones’ Supplement

Alex Jones tends to have a love hate relationship, and I’m not really interested in exploring this right now.

I’m just interested in getting to the bottom of the results regarding the Survival Shield X2 supplement. But it’s important to mention that Alex Jones did not invent this supplement, he just uses it, and sells it on his website.

Its founder is Dr. Edward F. Group, who is the owner of Global Healing Center. 

Alex Jones experiences personal results with the product, and promotes it to his fan base.

I just wanted to make that point clear. The product is developed by a legitimate doctor who runs a very successful wellness website.

Why is Iodine Important, and Why is X2 Special?

The ingredient in this supplement is iodine.

The reason this particular product is so popular is because it's a very strong and potent form of iodine.

The source of the ingredient is very rare, and very high quality. This is what makes it so powerful and beneficial.

In a nut shell, most people's iodine levels are very low. This can be the result of many things, and lack of nutrients from our diets is a common reason.

The crucial part is that iodine is required by many parts of our bodies. It's important for the thyroid gland, but it's really required for so many functions and body parts.

The reason why this particular supplement is better than many others, is because of the source of the iodine, and how the product is manufactured. 

It's a very high quality source of iodine, and it's very potent. It comes from a very rare source of iodine that is very pure. This is why it produces such positive results. It's all about the source of the supplement's ingredients.

If you're really interested I would recommend you watch this video which was posted by the creator of Survival Shield X2:

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What are Consumers Saying about X2?

If you were to research all the reviews, you'll clearly see that this supplement definitely works, at least for close to 98% of its users.

survival shield x2Almost everyone who takes this supplement seems to recommend it afterwards. There are definitely some users who don't see any results, but the majority of people do.

The reason being, most people are not getting enough iodine into their bodies, and this particular product is extremely high in quality.

When you mix those two together, you're bound to get some positive results.

Where to Buy Survival Shield X2

Bottom line, this supplement definitely works.

If you're interested in using this supplement, I would recommend you purchase it online. You can find a sales price through Click here. 

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