Does CyberGhost Keep Logs in its VPN?

An important factor of an Virtual Private Network service is data collection.

For some people it doesn’t matter whether the provider stores their data for a few weeks, however for some, it’s concerning.

So if you’re looking into CyberGhost, you’re probably wondering does it keep logs?

The answer is no! 

This is ideal for people surfing from countries who may prohibit certain websites. But it’s also crucial for those who really want a purely anonymous internet experience.

No websites are tracked, no phone calls or messages logged, nothing. The only thing CyberGhost tracks is how many of its customers use the service each day. That’s it.

So nothing is observed or recorded. This is one of the benefits of this VPN, as some other alternatives keep weekly or monthly logs.

CyberGhost has a great help section which you can access here.

After reviewing many VPNs, this is one of the better services for keeping your internet use completely private.

Visit for more information. Click here.

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