cylindrical survival pack

The Only Cylindrical Survival Pack You Will Ever Need

Are you looking for a complete survival kit in a can?

One that you can carry with no obstruction, and still packs enough protection for almost any encounter?

Enter the Mossberg “Just In Case” kit.

It’s another survival product which was probably heavily influenced by the popular TV show The Walking Dead, and based on several reviews over at, this kit has been really well received.

I was very interested in this package and did some research to find out exactly what you get.

The Mossberg 500 Cruiser JIC (Just In Case):

cylindrical survival pack

When you’re in an emergency situation, you’ll definitely want this cylindrical survival pack.

It comes with a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, concealed in a wicked waterproof cylindrical case. And to be perfectly honest, it’s not only needed for emergencies. It’s a great gun, and the pack is quite convenient for carrying any time.

What Are Users Saying About This:

It’s clear that almost everyone that purchased this kit loved the shotgun. Users range from those struck by Katrina and other disasters who understood how important it is to have an emergency kit like this on hand, to others who carry it around their ranch.

The kit itself received good reviews, however some people who are extremely handy gave their own thoughts on making their own cases. So you may not be able to crawl through the mud with the case and have no issues, but for the most part the package was well received.

Bottom line, it’s a Mossberg so you know you’re getting a quality firearm, but expect it to be slightly rough on the wrist.

Overall it’s a great shotgun for a great price.

The package is a bonus, but still very handy. You can literally store it anywhere for emergencies, and those who bought it were glad they did.

You can find this at

To order, the gun will be shipped to your local gun dealer.

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