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Does Survival Shield X2 Work? Is Alex Jones Worth Trusting?

You’re obviously familiar with the iodine supplement Survival Shield X2. But maybe you don’t know who Alex Jones is. He’s a controversial talk show host, and he promotes this supplement on his website. With its rise in popularity, many people really want to know if Survival Shield X2 actually works. I’ve gone out and done all the…

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survival shield x2 dosage

Survival Shield X2 Dosage and Recommendations

Many people are a bit confused about the best way to take this supplement, so I’m hoping to clear this up by quickly covering the ideal Survival Shield X2 dosage. The dosage recommendation is 3 drops. Not 3 full glass vials, just 3 drops. How do you take the drops? You can take the drops right under…

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Survival Shield X2 Side Effects

With any type of supplement, there will be side effects. This is certainly the case with Survival Shield X2, however most people should not worry about them at all. That being said, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not giving out medication advice. This information is based on tons of research, however people who are…

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Ingredients in Survival Shield X2 Supplements

Survival Shield X2 offers a high dosage of Nascent Iodine. Here I’d like to explain a bit of the benefits of this ingredient, and help you decide if these supplements are right for you. For more information, you can check out the full Survival Shield X2 review here.  Ingredient List in Survival Shield X2: Iodine…

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Survival Shield X2 Review

Survival Shield X2 is one of the most popular health supplements amongst survivalists and preppers. Alex Jones from Info Wars is one of the main promoters of this supplement, and it has become very well received from his following. If you’re looking for a high quality iodine supplement that has received tons of great feedback, then you’ll…

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