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Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Really Work?

A lot of people tend to wonder if ultrasonic pest repellents really work. I think one of the most common reasons why people ask this question, is because they don’t really know HOW these products function. So if you’re wondering if these are a good purchase, and what particular brand is best, I’ll try and…

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motion sensor animal repellent sprinkler

Motion Activated Animal Deterrent Sprinkler Device

One of the easiest ways to deter animals from your property is to spray them with water. It’s safe, easy, and harmless to the animal. When it comes to animal repellents, this idea is really a win win for everyone. Your only concern is that you want this to operate itself, on autopilot. Thanks to…

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electronic pest repellers

Best Electronic Pest Repellers on the Market

If you’re interested in securing your home from rodents like mice and rats, and insects like spiders and cockroaches, then you should definitely consider getting an electronic pest repeller. These have an ultrasonic feature that is used to drive away these pests from your home. The best part is, many people do in fact see great results. One…

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