Does Golf Cart Battery Reconditioning Work?

Reconditioning golf cart batteries definitely works, however I recommend you follow a proven method and full guide to do this properly. Here I’ll go into the basics, however I recommend you read some material from my friend Tom Ericson here. Far too many people throw away their golf cart batteries at the first sign of…

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Best Kubotan Self-Defense Keychains for Your Personal Protection

In the world of self-defense and ninja weapons, kubotan keychains are becoming more and more popular. Some people like to collect them, while others carry them on their person at all times for self-defense. One of the main reasons for their popularity is because they’re affordable and very discrete. In the world of protecting yourself, keeping it simple…

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motion sensor animal repellent sprinkler

Motion Activated Animal Deterrent Sprinkler Device

One of the easiest ways to deter animals from your property is to spray them with water. It’s safe, easy, and harmless to the animal. When it comes to animal repellents, this idea is really a win win for everyone. Your only concern is that you want this to operate itself, on autopilot. Thanks to…

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electronic pest repellers

Best Electronic Pest Repellers on the Market

If you’re interested in securing your home from rodents like mice and rats, and insects like spiders and cockroaches, then you should definitely consider getting an electronic pest repeller. These have an ultrasonic feature that is used to drive away these pests from your home. The best part is, many people do in fact see great results. One…

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firekable paracord bracelet

Paracord Bracelet with Fire Starting Capabilities and a Built in Whistle

There are a lot of paracord bracelets on the market, however here I wanted to highlight one that stands out in my eyes. It’s called the FireKable, and it has a few features that really sets it apart. The best part is, depending on when you’re reading this, the manufactures may still be giving this…

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Evac 3 emergency escape tool

The Evac 3 is The Ultimate Emergency Vehicle Escape Tool

When accidents and disasters occur, the first thing the professionals ask is “could this have been prevented?”. Unfortunately many times certain terrible things could have easily been prevented, if people were equipped with the right tools. I understand this does not apply to every single situation, but consider getting trapped in a car. There are many…

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Everstryke Match

Start a Fire Anywhere with The Everstryke Match

Are you looking for a completely waterproof match? I hope you’re as excited for this Everystryke Match review as I was when I first found it. I’m pretty pumped to write about this extremely convenient device because it allows you to strike a fire no matter where you are. Sure this is not a new invention,…

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The Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen

The Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen That No One Knows You’re Carrying

Are you looking for not only the best tactical pen out there, but more importantly, a self-defense tool that is way more discreet than a knife, but just as powerful? Coined as one of the best self-defense tools in its category, The Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen is my recommended product in this category. The reason why…

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cylindrical survival pack

The Only Cylindrical Survival Pack You Will Ever Need

Are you looking for a complete survival kit in a can? One that you can carry with no obstruction, and still packs enough protection for almost any encounter? Enter the Mossberg “Just In Case” kit. It’s another survival product which was probably heavily influenced by the popular TV show The Walking Dead, and based on…

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