The Best VPN Services for Safety

Protect Yourself Online with a Virtual Private Network

As someone who now runs multiple websites, I understand the value in a Virtual Private Network. Not only do I use one for my personal needs, but also the safety of my clients.

The main problem that I faced, and that you might be facing right now, is how to choose the best VPN.

Fortunately there's some good news. I have personally researched many of the top 10 providers and have 3 recommendations for you below.

Tyler - Webmaster at Exclusive Security

These Services Help You Use the Internet Safely

Hide My Ass
  • High Amount of IPs
  • Very Large Provider
  • More Expensive Option
  • Not Recommended for Torrenting
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Cyber Ghost
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Account Option (with limits)
  • Good for Multiple Devices
  • Safe for Torrenting
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Private Internet Access

When you start to compare Private Internet Access (PIA) with many of the other providers out there, you'll start to see a pattern.

Based on security and price, PIA comes out on top. This is what I've discovered, and many of the large computer and technology websites also seem to rate this provider as the best.

Its main benefit is security. Although many of the VPNs available are secure enough for most people, PIA seems to take it a step further with some of the most secure features.

It's also priced extremely well.

Some of the downfalls are support and set up. Support tends to not be the greatest when compared to other providers like Cyber Ghost, and their set up might not be as straight forward as some alternatives outlined here. 

But overall, it's still my top pick.

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Hide My Ass

My #2 recommendation is Hide My Ass.

Although this tends to be slightly more expensive than some other options, it's still an affordable way to keep you secure online.

Many people like Hide My Ass because it's relatively easy to use and set up, and it's very large. Being large means that there are many IP addresses to choose from, which gives you more access to certain content.

Along with security in numbers, being closer to a specific server will also help with speed. So if you want to access blocked content from a specific location, it's nice to be on a server close to that location.

One of the negative things you might hear about Hide My Ass is the whole issue of data logging. If you're not sharing copyrighted files, then you really have nothing to worry about. But if you're torrenting illegal information, you might want to consider some other options.

Bottom line, most people will not have any issues with the small amount of data that is temporarily logged by Hide My Ass. For this reason, along with the benefits above, it's still a great choice.

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Cyber Ghost

In the 3rd spot we have Cyber Ghost.

This is not as popular as the other two, however it's worth considering.

It's no where near the size of Hide My Ass, so it has some limitations there, but it has some benefits as well.

With lack of size comes lack of 24/7 support, however they have a great chat feature and an excellent FAQ section on their website. (In the future their support might improve.)

They also allow you to use their services on up to 5 different devices with some packages, and also have a free plan to get started (you will need a paid plan for all the features).

Cyber Ghost does not keep any data logs, so it's worth considering if that's important for you.

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